Hello friends, 6th November is celebrated as WORLD SAXOPHONE DAY

To all saxophone lovers we celebrate 6th November as WORLD SAXOPHONE DAY, Like to know more about saxophone.

To learn playing Saxophone , contact me to know all about
1. Which saxophone will be suitable for beginners
2. How to learn playing saxophone
3. Which mouthpiece to use
4. Which reed to be used
5. Where to get the notations for songs
6. Where to buy second hand saxophones
7. Saxophone classes in india
8. What are all the saxophone accessories that one need to buy and where to find
9. Which saxophone mike to use for performances.
10. Saxophone maintenance and precautions to be taken
11. Where to find Saxophone spares and service.
12. Different types of saxophones.
13. How to fix / hold the saxophone.
Will send you some more details about other instruments also similarly. Please create 5 or 6 separate pages for covering different topics.