About Me

S.J.Prasanna is a unique musician who can play 22 different musical instruments including rare instruments such as Accordion, Clarionet, Western Flute, Saxophone, Melodion etc and also holds a national record for playing 6 instruments at a time with eyes blindfolded. He has also been a music director and also plays for number of them for many south Indian movies.

SJP has won about 70 National and state awards and has featured in more than 200 Magzine and newspapers. He carries a vast experience of teaching thousands of students too.

Reality Shows: SJ Prasanna also known as SJP has appeared as a judge in many reality shows along with famous personalities like S.P.Balasubrahmanyam.

Instruments played & songs in various languages: Prasanna can play numerous movie songs from Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu movies and also English on various instruments like Saxophone, Clarinet, Accordion, Guitar, Western flute, Harmonica, etc.. One can view his various performances on YOUTUBE and can also witness his crazy fan following!


  • SJP is well known to be playing Harmonica without using hands.
  • Plays Saxophone using just one hand


SJP has won numerous awards and few of them are listed below:
  • Aryabhata Award
  • Chanakya Acheiver
  • Jaya Prakash Narayan Global Indian Awardee
  • Rashtra Rathana
  • Viveka Nidhi
  • Suvarna Karnataka Rathna
  • Naada Bhushana
  • Kala Poshaka Rathna
  • Rajya Shresta
  • Kala Sangama
  • Chatrapathi Shivaji State Awardee
  • Adarsha Shrunga
  • Dakshak Awardee
  • Vishala Bharatha Bhushan
  • Naada Ratna
  • Dr.Shivaram Karantha Sadbhavana Awardee
  • Suvarna Karnataka Rajyotsava Prashasthi
  • Sadhana Rathna
  • Samaja Seva Rathna
  • Karnataka Chaitanya Rathna
  • Dr. D.V.G.State Awardee

SJP gave up his job as Manager Marketing in a MNC company ‘Mitsubishi’ to follow his passion for music and achieve big in the field of music. Also, he has given numerous charity shows at blind schools, Orphanages, Old age homes and Juvenile homes.