About Me

S.J.Prasanna is a unique musician who can play 22 different musical instruments including very rare instruments like Accordion , Clarionet , Aerophone , Pipe pan flute , Piccolo , Saxophone, Chinese Dizi , Western flute apart from common instruments like Piano , Guitar , Harmonium , Bansuri , Mandolin , Keyboard , Melodion , Mouthorgan , soprano , Tenor , Sopranino , Whistling etc.


  • He once created a National Record in music by playing 6 different musical instruments all at a time with eyes blindfolded.
  • SJP as he is called fondly has won about 70 state and national level awards and has been featured in more than 300 newspapers and magazines throughout the country.
  • SJP has appeared as judge in many T.V reality shows alongside famous personalities like S.P.Balasubramaniam.
  • SJP can give a 3hrs musical show on a harmonica without touching it even once throughout the show.
  • He can give a show by playing each song on a different musical instrument.
  • He can play thousands of movie songs , Devotional , Folk songs , Patriotic songs etc from Hindi , Tamil , Telugu , English and Kannada films.
  • He has composed music for kannada films and has also played instruments for other Music Directors from Kannada ,Tamil, Telugu and Tulu film industry in more than 100 films.
  • SJP gave up his job as Marketing manager in a MNC - 'Mitsubishi' to entertain Millions of people through his brand of music.
  • He has given concerts in every nook and corner of the country and performed more than 1,000 shows including Charity shows at Blind schools , Orphanages , old age ashrams and juvenile homes.
  • His way of teaching music in the most simplest but very effective way has made him one of the most sought after teachers in the country. Music enthusiasts from not only different states of our country but from different parts of the world are making a beeline to his place to have some invaluable tips from his vast musical knowledge and to have a glimpse of his collection of instruments.
  • Many of his students have now been owning Recording studios , composing music for films , performing in the international level including winning several awards and recognitions and also teaching/ grooming and inducing other new comers into the field.
  • Many of his students have not only landed jobs in schools/colleges as music teachers , but also in music related shows like Jingles , T.V. serials , Title tracks and Theme music on T.V and Radio.
  • Some of his numerous other abilities are - Anchoring , Singing , Comedy punches , Mimicking, Showmanship , Versatile and Unique.
  • People suffering from health ailments like Sleeplessness , Asthma , High B.P , Fatigue , Stammering etc have shown tremendous positive results in their Health levels after joining his music classes and are now recommending this music therapy to patients suffering from other diseases too.
  • Some companies manufacturing musical instruments are ready to sell their wares in India under the brand name SJP on all their products if permission is granted by the musician.


Some of the Awards bestowed on S.J.Prasanna:
  • Aryabhata Award
  • Chanakya Acheiver
  • Jaya Prakash Narayan Global Indian Awardee
  • Rashtra Rathana
  • Viveka Nidhi
  • Suvarna Karnataka Rathna
  • Naada Bhushana
  • Kala Poshaka Rathna
  • Rajya Shresta
  • Kala Sangama
  • Chatrapathi Shivaji State Awardee
  • Adarsha Shrunga
  • Dakshak Awardee
  • Vishala Bharatha Bhushan
  • Naada Ratna
  • Dr.Shivaram Karantha Sadbhavana Awardee
  • Suvarna Karnataka Rajyotsava Prashasthi
  • Sadhana Rathna
  • Samaja Seva Rathna
  • Karnataka Chaitanya Rathna
  • Dr. D.V.G.State Awardee

SJP gave up his job as Manager Marketing in a MNC company ‘Mitsubishi’ to follow his passion for music and achieve big in the field of music. Also, he has given numerous charity shows at blind schools, Orphanages, Old age homes and Juvenile homes.